Preh GmbH success factors

Traditionally innovative

When you are one of the top automotive suppliers, you have to be able to reinvent yourself time and again. Most importantly, you need to be flexible, creative, and committed. This enables our automotive customers to extend their lead and make the future of motoring a reality.

DIY makes sense

Preh’s in-house policy

Developing the technology of the future requires superior know-how about the entire product engineering process. At Preh, we consistently foster a high in-house production depth - at all of our locations, as it is all connected. Not only is this extremely cost-efficient, it also means that we can respond to our customers’ wishes with great flexibility and speed.

Preh’s in-house policy: Thanks to Preh’s in-house policy, the share of our products produced within the company is consistently very high - even as much as 90% for some products.


Our corporate culture

Personally Committed

Our staff translate our values into boundless customer
How are we able to achieve that? Preh combines a very personal,
family-like corporate culture with the dynamics and creativity
of a modern automotive supplier.

We are proud to work for brands such as Audi, BMW, Daimler, and Porsche –
as you can find Preh products as soon as you get into a car.
It is wonderful to be able to say to your family and friends:
“That is one of our parts, a Preh part!”.

Your career at Preh

Find out the secret behind our success yourself.
As a fast growing company, we offer several employment and development opportunities.


Creativity, innovation and specialization

Preh’s innovation

Creativity + specialization = innovative products.
At Preh, we are always on the lookout for new ideas for intelligent automotive solutions. Control systems, switches, E-Mobility, Car Connect – everything with system of course. Our driving force is our customers’ demand for innovation. Us here at Preh, we are experts who study the latest technological automotive trends day in, day out and consult with specialists all over the world.

Our sister companies within the Joyson Group are also major partners in this respect. 
This produces such a vast know-how within the Preh Group that we can shape the future of motoring.