Press Releases, 19.04.2017

Auto Shanghai 2017 - Preh-Group exhibits multimodal control system

Expertise joined: Preh and Preh Car Connect introduce their control system concept

Bad Neustadt a.d. Saale/Dresden/Shanghai. Following take-over of TechniSat Automotive in 2016 Preh GmbH and the new Preh Car Connect GmbH will be making their first joint appearance at the Auto Shanghai. These two operative companies of Preh-Group will introduce a conceptual approach of a multimodal control system demonstrating a high variability of function selection in the interior.

It allows to select functions via different interfaces, using the central control unit with in-built touch pad, as well as smartphone or smartpad / tablet. What is it about? It is the first project joining Preh HMI-competencies with connectivity know-how of Preh Car Connect in a single conceptual study. Preh-Group will exhibit its multimodal control system in hall 4.2, booth B2 H101 of its parent company Joyson and is joined by Preh Car Connect as well as KSS (Key Safety Systems) and QUIN (trim for automotive interiors).

“Our new control system approach is of great strategic significance for two reasons: Firstly, we clearly show our customers how the expertise of Preh GmbH and Preh Car Connect GmbH complement each other perfectly. Secondly, we introduce a multimodal approach, which also fulfils the requirements of a future higher variability in the interior, thereby making an important step for the future of Preh-Group”, explains Christoph Hummel, president CEO of Preh.

The multimodal conceptual study includes a central control system with in-built touch pad, smartpad, smart phone and display. However, operation is no longer restricted to the usual place in the center console. Passengers, front or back, are able to use smartpad or smartphone to select settings in regards to infotainment, navigation or air conditioning for example. In order to do that, features of the central operating system are transmitted to the wireless devices. Generally the multimodal conceptual study emphasizes one of Preh’s strength: the integration of functionality and design as well as the development of building blocks for use across car lines and brands. The combination with wireless devices makes the HMI more flexible, which is a future requirement for autonomous driving. In addition, Preh Car Connect has developed a wireless charging for smartphones. It is integrated in the cradle beneath the middle armrest.

The central operating unit features the latest generation of HMI-technology by Preh GmbH. This particularly includes a keyless genuine glass interface with active haptic feedback. As a result of the scalable actuators developed by Preh, the driver receives a similar feedback through the touchpad as he would when using a conventional key, therefore combining operational smartphone habits with safety requirements whilst in heavy traffic or driving at higher speeds. Additionally the genuine glass surface is partially structured, as such feeling guides help minimize distraction upon use.

Another exhibition highlight by Preh GmbH are HMI-solutions in series production, such as the Center Stack control system for audio and climate control functions of the current BMW 7 Series or touch control buttons built into the steering wheel of the Mercedes-Benz E-Class.

Another hot topic covered by Preh: Control units for battery management of all-electric vehicles produced locally in China.