Press Releases, 27.07.2009

Ehrenberg appointed executive director of product development process at Preh

Bad Neustadt, Germany In July 2009, Jochen Ehrenberg (42) became the director of product development process at Preh GmbH, Bad Neustadt an der Saale, Germany. He is responsible for the departments of product engineering, hardware development, software development, sensor development, advance development, prototype shop, production engineering, tool engineering and toolmaking.

Mr. Ehrenberg holds a degree in mechanical engineering, the German Diplom-Kaufmann business management degree and an MBA. Since 1997, he has held various positions in Preh’s automotive division, most recently as executive director of project management, production engineering, tooling and pre-pilot series production. 

In the newly established position, he now assumes responsibility for the entire product development process at Preh. The change is part of a streamlining and strategic re-orientation of the Preh development area aiming at focusing the product development process even more than before on the needs of the Preh’s automotive customers.