Press Releases, 06.02.2013

New 2013 Lincoln MKZ features Preh integrated center stack

NOVI, Mich. – Preh, a leading global automotive supplier based in Novi, Mich., is producing the integrated center stack for the newlystyled 2013 Lincoln MKZ. The center stack combines both the climate control and infotainment functions, including phone, navigation, radio and music systems along with the temperature controls.

The MKZ does not have a traditional transmission shifter in appearance or function, but rather the controls are a series of five push-buttons mounted on the left edge of the center stack panel next to the steering wheel, that are easy to reach and operate, freeing up space between the driver and passenger seats.

The Preh system features a striking black panel design. Dual-zone electronic automatic temperature control provides personalized comfort for the driver and front-seat passenger, with separate heating/cooling settings available to satisfy each individual’s needs. Preh controls have capacitive touch slider functions for volume and blower adjustments, as well as panel icon touch controls.

Manufactured at its headquarters in Bad Neustadt, Germany, Preh’s center console has already been featured on the 2012 Lincoln MKZ.