Press Releases, 05.11.2019

New allocation of production capacity within the Preh Group – PCC with a stronger focus on the Chinese market

Preh takes over Dippach factory from its own subsidiary Preh Car Connect

Bad Neustadt a. Saale/Dippach. The automotive supplier Preh GmbH is taking over the factory of the subsidiary Preh Car Connect (PCC) in Dippach. As a result, Preh will be expanding its manufacturing capabilities for driver control systems (HMI) and e-mobility, while PCC will concentrate its efforts on production in the Chinese growth market in addition to the remaining plant in Oborniki in Poland.

Preh’s current high manufacturing requirements for the HMI and e-mobility sectors require additional capacity, which will be met by integrating the Dippach plant. In addition to the remaining plant in Poland, Preh Car Connect will at the same time focus its production on China, where the company continues to grow despite the difficult overall situation in the industry. Even today, the Chinese market is of great importance to PCC. In addition, the connectivity and infotainment specialist will increasingly work together with its Chinese sister company to win further new business in China.   

“The direct affiliation with Preh opens up new opportunities for the factory in Dippach,” explains Christoph Hummel, President and CEO of Preh. “Due to the Preh Group’s current order backlog, we have decided that the Thuringia location should relieve the other Preh production sites and take on part of the Preh electronics production. The Dippach plant is well prepared for this. Besides, without the in-house takeover, we would have had to build a completely new factory.”

All employees in Dippach will become Preh employees as part of the reorganization.