Press Releases, 24.06.2010

Preh creates an interior control system for the Porsche 918 Spyder concept car

Bad Neustadt an der Saale, Germany. It was the big surprise of this year’s Geneva Motor Show: the Porsche 918 Spyder, a high-performance mid-engine sports car featuring a hybrid powertrain. The Porsche prototype was one of the best-kept secrets at the Geneva show. Now we can finally get a first look at some of the engineering details. The concept car utilizes an innovative interior control system, whose center console was implemented in cooperation with Preh GmbH in Bad Neustadt, Germany. The control system was custom-designed for the car and had to meet the strictest performance requirements for design and functionality.

For example, the climate control system or multimedia functions can be controlled from the “control center” in the center console. The Preh system has a high-gloss black-panel-effect control surface, a touchscreen display, and two retractable push/turn controls.


“Needless to say, we are proud that Porsche had such confidence in us to include us in such an extremely interesting vehicle concept,” noted Wolfgang Küchler, director of advance development at Preh. “As an interior control system specialist, we have the know-how that it takes to team up with automotive manufacturers to achieve innovative solutions and high-end control concepts. Projects like this demand the most from our product development engineers. When we saw the 918 Spyder for the first time, it was a great feeling to know that we contributed to this revolutionary vehicle concept,” Küchler explained.