Press Releases, 28.03.2012

Preh in Audi A3 Interior

Bad Neustadt an der Saale, Germany. Preh GmbH is supplying the climate control system and steering wheel multifunction switches for the new Audi A3.

The climate control system for the new A3 was developed in the Development Center at Preh’s headquarters in Bad Neustadt, Germany to meet Audi’s requirements for maximum comfort and maximum ease of use. In the interior, it establishes the visual link between the cockpit, which appears to float, and the center console. To accomplish this, the control system was not only designed with black-panel-effect display technology, but also – a special challenge – for a very flat and wide design space.

The system is manufactured in two variants: as a manual climate control system and as a fully automatic system with 2-zone temperature control. In the design option featuring seat heaters, both variants have laterally positioned buttons that can be conveniently operated by the driver and front passenger. Preh also developed the climate control software, which allowed it to maximize the occupants’ comfort and sense of well-being in the A3—above and beyond what could be achieved through convenient control operation. 

One unique feature of the climate comfort control system is that temperature in the passenger compartment is measured by an unventilated temperature sensor. The sensor was conceived by Preh engineers to achieve optimal operation and still be integrated unobtrusively in the design of the control system. 

Vehicles that are ordered without air conditioning are also equipped with a heater control system that carries the Preh signature. Additional systems from the supplier that are also available in the A3 are a multifunction switch integrated in the steering wheel as well as gear shift paddles.