Press Releases, 08.11.2011

Preh nominated for BMW Supplier Innovation Award

Bad Neustadt an der Saale. In the first-ever BMW Supplier Innovation Award, announced on Monday in Munich, Preh was nominated for the 2011 award in the category “Maximum Customer Benefit.” The other nominees were automotive suppliers Behr and Brose. In the end, the award went to Brose.

Dr. Michael Roesnick, president of Preh GmbH, was pleased that Preh was nominated from among the outstanding competition for BMW’s Supplier Innovation Award. “For our company and the entire staff, the nomination is a great acknowledgment and an incentive to keep developing and producing innovative products.”

Altogether, there were eight categories in the BMW Supplier Innovation Award, with 24 nominations and a honorable mention. The BMW Group seeks to underscore the high importance of its premium suppliers with these honors, solidifying BMW’s claim to leadership in the field of innovation.

Preh GmbH, with headquarters in Bad Neustadt an der Saale, Germany, is an innovative, dynamically growing company in the automotive electronics market. Founded in 1919 as a radio manufacturer, Preh has focused since 2011 strictly on the automotive supplier sector. As a partner to automotive manufacturers, it specializes in driver control systems, sensor systems and electronic control units. In addition, its Innovative Automation area develops and produces system solutions for manufacturing and assembly lines, predominantly for automotive suppliers. Preh is particularly unique in its high degree of vertical integration and the high share of research and development that is done in-house. This allows it to meet specific customer requirements and deliver its customary “Pre(h)mium Quality” quickly and flexibly.

In 2011 Preh had sales of over €400 million and approximately 2,650 employees. Aside from its main manufacturing and development center in Bad Neustadt, Germany, Preh has manufacturing facilities in Portugal, Mexico, Romania, and China, as well as a customer support Center in Novi/Detroit, Michigan / USA.

As of the end of June 2011, the Joyson Group of Ningbo, China held 74.9% of the shares in Preh GmbH, with the remaining 25.1% held by Deutsche Beteiligungs AG and Preh management.