Press Releases, 15.09.2015

Preh Presents Battery Management Technology for 48 Volt System at IAA 2015

Higher voltage for more comfort and less emission

Frankfurt am Main/Bad Neustadt a. d. Saale. The E-Mobility division of Preh GmbH presents its new battery management technology for 48V battery systems at the International Motor Show (IAA) 2015. In future, the new technology will play an increasingly important role both in reducing consumption as well as CO2 output and in integrating additional comfort functions. Preh was already able to win the first serial order for a 48V battery control unit.

Michael Bischoff, Preh Divisional Managing Director E-Mobility: “For the future theme 48V, we are building on our know-how for the battery management of current electrical and hybrid vehicles. We are already the series supplier for the control devices of the battery management in the BMW i3 and i8 and in a range of Active-Hybrid models. With our new 48V BCU we can therefore provide all the relevant battery management functions.”

The 48V battery management is individually configurable according to customer needs and comprises the monitoring of both the voltage and temperature of every individual battery cell. On the basis of these measured values different battery charge conditions can be adapted because a uniform loading and unloading behaviour in all cells will increase battery life and other measurements. In addition, a highly precise current sensor will be used, which reaches an accuracy of 0.35 % with an initial calibration of 0.1 % – even after 10 years. Integrated MOSFET switches are used to ensure the observation of the security requirements by means of all-pole separation of the battery.