Press Releases, 05.03.2012

Preh supplies high-end control system for the new Licoln MKZ

Preh GmbH in Bad Neustadt, Germany has developed and begun standard production of the center stack control system for the new Lincoln MKZ. Following on the heels of a climate control system for the new Ford F-150 pickup, this is Preh’s second major order from Ford Motor Company.

The center stack for the equipment version without navigation system integrates the control systems for the radio and climate control system, including seat heating and cooling. Thanks to close cooperation between Ford and Preh’s Customer Service Center in Novi, Michigan, it only took 18 months to achieve standard production. The control system is being built in Preh’s plant in Monterrey, Mexico.

One challenge was the relatively tight space available for the individual functions. In addition, Preh engineers developed a sophisticated locating concept for the controls to achieve uniform haptic feedback at all points and ensure a strong sense of quality. Preh has already made a name for itself throughout the world among leading manufacturers of premium automotive vehicles through the design know-how and outstanding haptic technology that go into its control systems.