Press Releases, 01.12.2020

Preh wins the Automotive Parts Industry Award with e-mobility solution

Bad Neustadt a. d. Saale. End of November, during the 2020 China Automotive Supply Chain Summit, the Preh Group was recognized  as a „SOP Excellence Supplier“. Decisive for this award was the innovative 800V multi-converter of the Preh E-Mobility division.

The series production of this DC/DC converter for a purely electric 800-volt sports car started in 2019. As a multi-converter, the device combines three converters in one: The first component transforms 800 volts into 400 volts to supply the air-conditioning compressor. For roll stabilization, the voltage is transformed to 48 volts and the power recovered by recuperation is converted back to 800 volts (bidirectional conversion). The remaining electrical consumers in the vehicle are supplied by the transformation to 12 volts. 

Dr. Joachim Wagner, Head of Pre-Development E-Mobility at Preh, explains: "The success of this product is also based on the close cooperation between our development team and our engineers. They not only worked together very successfully in the development of the multi-converter, but also developed a high-voltage booster. This first-to-market solution allows vehicles with 800V batteries to be "refuelled" at any 400V fast charging station. This is done by "boosting" from 400 to 800 volts with a capacity of up to 150 kilowatts.”