Press Releases, 01.05.2010

Proven innovations for new BMW 5 Series

Bad Neustadt an der Saale. Preh GmbH is supplying a number of interior control systems and ECUs for the new BMW 5 Series sedan. Headquartered in Bad Neustadt, Germany, the automobile supplier provides state-of-the-art solutions that have already proven themselves in BMW 5 Series GT and 7 Series vehicles.

The luxury look and feel of Preh interior control systems reinforce the impression that BMW’s new 5 Series has achieved engineering perfection. Preh supplies the iDrive controller in the center console, the integrated control panel for audio and climate functions, as well as the rear climate control system and switches for driver assistance functions. 

Preh has already been working on technology to achieve the “black-panel-effect” in vehicle interiors for quite some time. With this technology, control surfaces are uniformly black until the ignition is switched on. Then different function icons become visible by means of backlighting. Preh introduced the black-panel-effect technology in 2007 in its innovative “PrehCon” center console concept. Today, the black-panel-effect with its luxury look and feel are used in the control system for audio and climate functions on the BMW 5 Series. Preh also supplies this control system for 5 Series GT and 7 Series models that also belong to the MKL/GKL product line with an additional special feature, “favorite” buttons. These are buttons that can be individually programmed to perform “favorite” functions, such as selecting radio stations. The capacitive technology used means that the driver only has to place a finger close to a button, and the program function will be displayed on the center console. 

As the supplier of the iDrive controller for the new 5 Series, Preh again demonstrates its outstanding competence in the development and manufacture of center console control systems. Preh also makes the electronic control units for BMW’s Integral Active Steering, which changes the steering angle of the rear wheels to match the speed of the vehicle. These ECUs are produced in Bad Neustadt an der Saale in compliance with traceability standards, while the interior control systems are produced in Preh’s plant in Trofa, Portugal.