Press Releases, 27.08.2013

Takeover of Innoventis GmbH Würzburg

Bad Neustadt a. d. Saale/Würzburg. Preh GmbH has taken over the software development company Innoventis GmbH in Würzburg. Innoventis focuses on test systems, software components and engineering services in the field of electronic network systems in motor vehicles and associated sectors. The innovative niche provider currently has 10 employees. Preh plans to expand Innoventis as a near-university software development location. With the takeover, Preh is increasing its development capacities in Germany to support its disproportionate growth on the global automotive electronics market. The name Innoventis and the site in Würzburg will be retained.

Commenting the takeover, Dr. Michael Roesnick, President and CEO of Preh GmbH, said: “Innoventis is a small, but very accomplished company whose outstanding innovation capacity makes it a perfect fit for Preh. At the same time, this new venture also demonstrates our commitment to continued investment in our development activities in Germany, including in partnership with our Chinese shareholder Joyson.”

Since year-end 2011, the development division of Preh in Germany grew from 287 to 364 employees. The company is also expanding internationally: including its branches in Portugal, USA/Mexico, Romania and China, its development workforce increased from 316 to currently 437 employees over the past two years.

On behalf of Innoventis, Managing Director Holger Englert said: “Having built and established Innoventis in the past seven years as a highly specialised software development company, we can now continue to grow with new perspectives together with our long-term partner Preh in our location in Würzburg. Our strong software team will provide additional support for the global growth of Preh.” 

Preh GmbH is a subsidiary of the exchange-listed Joyson Electronics, Ningbo, China (600699: Shanghai), and represents the Automotive Electronics Division in the Joyson Group. As a global automotive supplier with 3,210 employees, Preh achieved revenues of €462 million in 2012. With headquarters in Bad Neustadt a. d. Saale, Germany, the company has production sites in Portugal, Romania, Mexico and China, as well as a development center in Novi/Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A. Preh’s development and manufacturing skills are concentrated on climate and driver control systems, electronic control units, sensors and assembly systems for leading automobile manufacturers.