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Press Releases

Christoph Hummel has assumed the position as President and CEO of Preh

Bad Neustadt. As already announced during summer of last year, Christoph Hummel (49) has taken over as President and CEO of Preh GmbH at the beginning of January. He thereby follows Dr. Michael Roesnick (62) who went into retirement after almost 17 years at the head of Preh at the end of December. With this change of management and the reduction from five to four managing directors the individual divisions were also adjusted. Apart from the chairmanship, CEO Hummel is now responsible for Sales/Marketing, Project Management, E-Mobility, Preh IMA Automation and Quality.

Dr. Ernst-Rudolf Bauer (60) remains responsible unchanged as CFO for the divisions Finance/Controlling, IT and Human Resources, while CSCO Zhengxin „Charlie“ Cai (43) leads Purchasing, Supply Chain Management and the Commercial Vehicles division. The management division of CTO Jochen Ehrenberg (48) has been extended to the entire technical field of Product Development and Production.

Christoph Hummel studied industrial engineering at the University of Applied Sciences in Würzburg-Schweinfurt and completed an Executive MBA Program in Evanston/IL (USA) and Koblenz. Born in Würzburg, he started his career as a sales engineer in the then “Vehicle Technology” division of Preh  in Bad Neustadt from 1993 until early 1998. After stations at Plastic Omnium GmbH, Karben, and as Key Account Manager at Visteon Automotive Systems, Cologne/Stuttgart, Hummel returned to Preh at the end of 2000. As authorized officer and director of Sales/Product Management he temporarily also took on the position of President & CEO of Preh in Novi/MI (USA) and was responsible in a leading position for the development of the North American business of Preh. At the beginning of 2008, Hummel was appointed to the management of Preh GmbH and took responsibility for the Sales, Marketing and Project Management divisions.

The new president and CEO stated: “The emergence of Preh as a global player for automotive electronics and automation solutions is connected indissolubly with the name Dr. Michael Roesnick. I feel committed to his achievements and will ensure a high degree of continuity both for our customers and staff. But I will naturally also set standards of my own and keep developing Preh with a view to new challenges together with my management colleagues.”