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Press Releases

Preh with novel, flexible, customizable control systems at the Agritechnica

Hannover / Bad Neustadt a. d. Saale. At its second trade fair appearance, Preh's Commercial Vehicle HMI division will exhibit at Agritechnica (November 10-16, 2019) in Hanover (Hall 17, Stand No. 54) focusing on its solutions for "Customized HMI Systems."

Under the motto "More with Less," Preh presents multi-functional control systems that are both intuitive to use and flexibly adaptable to the increasing complexity of agricultural practice. Among other things, the HMI specialist uses active user interfaces that combine touch screens with haptic feedback, force sensors and 3D elements to create a fully flexible operating system.

This opens up expanded fields of application for displays already being used in the areas of switching functionality, blind operation, fault tolerance and safety-relevant applications. 

"In addition to our preliminary developments, we are also presenting a complete tractor control system in a series application at this year's Agritechnica. Together with our customer, we have been able here to optimally combine our many years of experience in the agricultural machinery market by applying the modular platform approach from the automotive industry. As a result, we are able to present an innovative HMI complete system that fits haptically, optically and functionally well into the range of high-quality control systems we know from the automobile sector,“ says Michael Jendis, Executive Director Commercial Vehicle HMI at Preh.

Preh platform concepts make it possible to implement innovative, customer-specific solutions by using proven functional building-blocks and the well-known high quality appearance of Preh products. Essentially, we are presenting cost-optimal solutions of innovation and variability.

Preh's platform approach was implemented in a new series solution in cooperation with a tractor manufacturer. Among the highlights here is the multi-function lever, which has been equipped with additional functions to improve ergonomics and avoid a frequent engagement of other control units. For the first time, well-known from the automobile area, a rotary-push-tilt knob is used for intuitive menu control. Preh's proven magnet-based haptics provides an especially high-quality and robust user experience. The HMI specialist uses a standardized key design for key blocks, which form different functional groups and are clearly distinguishable by a color concept. Thus, the selected assignment of keys or actuators can be easily detected at first glance. 

"Thanks to the close and excellent cooperation with our customer, together we have implemented an intuitive, high-quality and flexible control system, which for Preh represents a major step towards our vision of "More with Less." Farmers will appreciate the practical operation of this system, because although it displays a high level of complexity and functional density, it is very easy to use,“ explains Jendis.