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Press Releases

Joyson and Preh present complete range of services for "automotive electronics" and "automotive components"

Joyson Electronics Group at Auto Shanghai for the first time

Ningbo/Shanghai. The Chinese-German automotive group Joyson Electronics, along with its operating companies Preh and Joyson Automotive, is appearing at Auto Shanghai for the first time on 20-29 April 2013. They are presenting a complete range of services for the “Automotive Electronics” (Preh) and “Automotive Components” (Joyson) business segments on stand B 011 in hall N4.

Preh’s highlights at the show notably include touch-sensitive user interfaces, as well as center stack systems that combine the control of air-conditioning and infotainment functions. Joyson’s product innovations range from air tubes for turbochargers through air outlets for air-conditioning systemsand rearview mirrors up to multimedia players for the aftermarket business.

“As a globally positioned automotive group with Chinese and German roots, we have complementary product portfolios that meet a common requirement: innovative, client-specific solutions with top quality and an optimal performance/price ratio. I am delighted that we are now, and for the first time, presenting the entire bandwidth of our range of services on Joyson’s Chinese home market”, said Joyson founder and majority shareholder Jeff Wang.

Preh’s President and CEO, Dr. Michael Roesnick, added, “With Preh, we successfully entered the market in China last year, and now, with the assistance of our parent company, Joyson, we are writing a record of growth that we intend to drive on ahead by showing in Shanghai.”

Fine examples of Preh’s power of innovation, like the center stack control system for the new Lincoln MKZ, are on show at Auto Shanghai. This combines control of the air-conditioning and infotainment functions, which include phone, navigation, radio and music systems. Preh is also showing the latest trends in touch-sensitive user interfaces with the motto, “Touching in its most beautiful form”.

Joyson, though only founded in 2004, already has a broad customer base in the Chinese home market. One of Joyson’s major clients is the Volkswagen Group for which it makes turbocharger air tubes: these are on show in Shanghai.

Besides suppliers to the auto industry, the Joyson group of companies, Ningbo (China), also includes a real estate division and, with some 6,000 employees, made total sales of 6 billion CNY in 2012. Its automotive activities are bundled in Joyson Electronics, which is listed on the stock exchange and consists of the automotive electronics (Preh) and automotive components (Joyson) business areas. Joyson was founded as a supplier to the automobile industry in 2004, whereas Preh has a company tradition that’s almost a century old, having been founded in 1919. A majority holding in Preh was acquired in 2011, and Preh has been a wholly-owned subsidiary of Joyson Electronics since late 2012. 

Preh is a globally oriented supplier to the automobile industry, with more than 3,200 employees in Germany, Portugal, Romania, Mexico, the USA and China. The company is based in Bad Neustadtan der Saale, Germany. Preh’s development and manufacturing skills are concentrated on climate control, driver controls, electronic control units, sensors and assembly systems for well known automakers.