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Press Releases

Preh control systems for the new BMW 3 Series

Novi, Mich. – For the first time, Preh is represented as a development and manufacturing partner for the iDrive control system also in the new BMW 3 Series. In addition, for this model, the automotive supplier provides two switch units for operation of driver assistance and comfort features.

Preh developed and launched into production both iDrive navigation versions – “Professional” and “Business”, available as equipment options. With the new award, the Bad Neustadt driver controls specialist now supplies iDrive controllers for a total of six BMW model series (1, 3, 5, 6, 7 and X3).

The scope of supply for the BMW 3 Series also includes two switch units for the control of driver assistance and comfort features. The switch unit for driver assistance functions – such as lane change signals – is located in the instrument panel under the light switch center. The second switch unit includes, among other things, the so-called Driving Experience Control for selecting among driving modes ECO PRO, Comfort, Sport or Sport+.


About Preh

Founded in 1919, Preh is a globally operating group of enterprises with more than 2,800 employees. Headquartered in Bad Neustadt a.d. Saale, Germany, Preh’s development and production competencies focus on vehicle interior control systems, sensor systems, electronic control units and assembly systems for the world’s leading vehicle manufacturers.

Apart from the parent manufacturing and development center in Bad Neustadt, Preh oversees manufacturing facilities in Portugal, Mexico, Romania and China, as well as a customer support center in Novi/Detroit, U.S.A. Since the end of June 2011, the Joyson Group of Ningbo/China holds 74.9 percent of Preh GmbH shares, while the remaining 25.1 percent are held by the Deutsche Beteiligungs AG and Preh management. The company generated sales of €412 million in 2011. For more information, please visit: www.preh.com.