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Press Releases

Preh achieves SPICE Level 3 certification

Bad Neustadt an der Saale. In November of this year, Preh received the final report for a SPICE Level Assessment conducted by MBtech (Mercedes Benz technology) under contract from Daimler AG. For an entire week, the processes in Preh’s software development group were scrutinized, with outstanding results: Preh achieved SPICE Level 3 in each Standard HIS Scope process.

Particularly impressive was that, on the 4-level evaluation scale of “not achieved,” “partially achieved,” “largely achieved” and “fully achieved,” the company posted the highest score of “fully achieved” in all 14 processes! Process “ACQ 4” for third-party development services was not used since 100% of the development took place in-house at Preh.

Norbert Bauer, head of software development at Preh, explains: “We don’t just develop software. What makes Preh special is that we develop and produce complex mechatronic systems and controllers. This means that our software is embedded in hardware and electronics that are also developed here in-house. In the area of specifications management, we achieved the top level of performance, ‘fully achieved,’ both on the software level, the so-called ENG. 4 level, and on the system level, ENG.” 2.

As a manufacturer of ECUs in safety-related areas, such as integral active steering and battery management on hybrid and electric vehicles, Preh was pleased to see its performance in the area of functional safety recognized. In scrutinizing development work to make certain it is state-of-the-art, ISO 26262 uses many of the same criteria as SPICE.