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Press Releases

Preh Completes Massive Expansion of Production Capacities in Monterrey

NAFTA Area Growth Story: Kalos Plant Expanded

Bad Neustadt a.d. Saale/Monterrey: Preh de México S.A. de C.V. has completed the large-scale expansion of its production facilities in Monterrey. The new extension of the Kalos plant began operating on November 20. The Kalos site has thus grown by 5,000 sqm to a total area of 13,300 sqm. The plant opened in August 2011 with an area of 8,300 sqm. Together with its sister plant, Avante, which spans an area of 7,500 sqm, Preh de México now has a total of 20,800 sqm of production space in Monterrey.

Preh entered the North American market just nine years ago, in late 2005. Whereas it employed only 30 people when production commenced in 2005, its workforce is now 670, generating sales in excess of $140 million. The opening ceremony for the extended Kalos plant was attended by Governor of the Mexican state Nuevo Leon Mr. Rodrigo Medina de la Cruz and beside the Preh managers from Germany and Mexico also representatives from the state of Nuevo Leon and the city of Guadaloupe and Monterrey.

Preh’s production crews in Monterrey make car HMI (human-machine interface) systems, primarily for the North American market and mainly for Ford, General Motors, BMW and VW. Its manufacturing skills include plastic injection molding and surface technology at the Avante plant as well as SMD (surface-mounted device) assembly, final assembly and testing at the Kalos plant.

Preh has chalked up impressive growth in the NAFTA area since it entered the market just under a decade ago. For instance, the German auto parts supplier based in Bad Neustadt a. d. Saale has managed to become the market leader in the key climate-control systems segment in the US.

Preh Group President and CEO Dr. Michael Roesnick says of the expansion of the Kalos plant: “We have reason to be proud of what we have achieved. Our team in Monterrey has delivered first-rate performance at both locations in a short space of time, thus enabling us to grow in the US. Both plants represent outstanding quality, competitive cost structures and a very committed workforce. I am extremely grateful to both the management of Preh de México as well as all our employees. Together with our Chinese partner, Joyson, we have become a global player in the automotive electronics segment and have every reason to be optimistic for the prospects of all Preh locations.”

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