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Press Releases

Growth story in the automation industry

Green Light for the Takeover of IMA Automation GmbH

Bad Neustadt a. d. Saale/Amberg. The German Federal Cartel Authority has authorized the takeover of IMA Automation Amberg GmbH by Preh GmbH. The takeover agreement signed on 17 June 2014 with Feintool International Holding AG therefore enters into effect today. As already announced, the app. 250 IMA employees are being taken over by Preh. The IMA site in Amberg is also being retained.

The acquisition marks a strong expansion of the Preh Innovative Automation (PIA) product division. Here, Preh focuses on the development, planning and construction of assembly systems and production lines, in particular for automotive suppliers and companies in the electrical engineering sector. As of now, the supplementary market segments of IMA, e.g. in the solar, medical and pharmaceutical industries as well as the food and consumer goods sectors, will also be developed further jointly.

Preh GmbH CEO Dr. Michael Roesnick says: “We aim to write a successful growth story in the automation sector. To do so, we will expand and continue internationalizing both the traditional market segments of PIA and the activities of IMA. In particular in China, we see great potential for the product portfolio of PIA and IMA because there, too, competitiveness can only be ensured in the long term by accelerated expansion of industrial automation.”

Within the Preh Group, the product divisions Preh Innovative Automation and IMA Automation will be integrated for the future in the joint company Preh IMA Automation GmbH. The products will be marketed under the PIA brand.

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