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Press Releases

Preh center console concept wins first place in 2014 Car HMi Awards

Preh's new center console interface is praised for its ease of access to functions, triple feedback and increased driving saftey.

NOVI, Mich. – Preh has won first place for “Innovative HMI Technology” in the first CAR HMi Awards (2014), in a recent ceremony in Berlin attended by the large gathering of HMI professionals from the vehicle manufacturing and system supplier industries.

HMI (human machine interface) is the connection between man and machine, where maximum convenience and minimum distraction issues play a central role in the design of operational concepts. Other first place winners included NVIDIA Corporation, and Scania Group/Volkswagen Research for “HMI Design Innovation.” Individual projects were judged on a point system with regard to level of innovation, level of complexity, level of achievement and level of maturity of the HMI project.

Preh Advanced Development Director Dr. Matthias Lust received the trophy and official certificate at the gala dinner reception, documenting recognized excellence. In addition, the winner received a monetary prize which Preh donated to a charity.

To the 140 Congress participants from the international automotive industry, Dr. Lust said, “We are pleased that our center console concept was chosen by an independent jury of experts as the first-place winner. For our advanced development team, this award is recognition and motivation at the same time, while it also demonstrates the vast range of technologies in our company.

“More and more, SmartPhones and tablets are influencing the HMI concepts of future vehicle generations. This award also shows that we at Preh have addressed the right issues in our product development, and that ease of operation, as well as driving safety, are not incompatible.”

Overall, the five-member jury praised the center console’s combination of different input systems, which improve driving safety. In particular, the judges pointed to the ease of access to functions with triple feedback—tactile, visual and audible. Also noteworthy of the Preh development is the central display with real glass surface, whose readability was improved significantly by an optical bonding technology, as well as the selection of multimedia functions by means of contact-free gestures.

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