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Press Releases

Preh wins General Motors Supplier of the Year Award for the eighth time

Bad Neustadt/Saale / Novi. At General Motors’ annual Supplier of the Year Award celebration in June 2020, Preh Group was recognized as a Top Global Supplier. This award is granted to suppliers for outstanding innovative technologies and high quality standards.

Every year General Motors awards their top global suppliers in the categories performance and innovation. Due to the current Corona situation, the originally planned 28th live event had to give way to a virtually held ceremony.

During the event, GM recognized 116 of its best suppliers from 15 countries that have consistently exceeded GM’s expectations, created outstanding value or introduced innovations to the company. This is the eighth time Preh GmbH has received the award. Nearly all of the suppliers, including Preh, are repeat winners from 2018.

“Our suppliers play a key role in delivering the products, services and experiences our customers deserve – and these award-winning suppliers went above and beyond our expectations,” said Shilpan Amin, GM vice president, Global Purchasing and Supply Chain.

Preh, Inc., President Nick Lontscharitsch emphasizes: “To receive this recognition for the eighth time is a great honor and shows once more that our global team did an outstanding job to continuously provide our customer GM with an excellent quality standard and the highest reliability of our products.” 

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