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Press Releases

Preh supplies iDrive controller for the new X3

NOVI, Mich. – Preh is supplying the iDrive controller for the new 2011 BMW X3 sport utility vehicle, according to Nick Lontscharitsch, president of the Novi-based automotive supplier Preh, Inc. The BMW iDrive uses a multifunctional, single toggle control knob in the center console of BMW vehicles, giving the driver access to various functions such as navigation, entertainment and communications.

Preh already supplies the latest iDrive controller generation for the BMW 7, 6 and 5 Series models, as well as for the BMW 5 Series GT.

“Today, there are only three or four companies in the market that develop and mass produce central control systems,” said Lontscharitsch. “Within this group, we maintain a leading position, especially when it comes to premium haptic feel and high-value appearance.”

About Preh Preh is a globally operating enterprise with about 2,400 employees in Germany, Portugal, Mexico, the U.S.A., Romania and China. Preh is headquartered in Bad Neustadt a.d. Saale, Germany. The company was founded in 1919 and achieved about 350 million euros in revenue in2010. Preh’s development and production competencies focus on vehicle interior control systems, sensor systems, electronic control units and assembly systems for the world’s leading vehicle manufacturers. For more information, please visit prehcorp..de.

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