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Press Releases

Preh supplies the electronic climate control unit for Ford Taurus and Flex

Preh GmbH of Bad Neustadt, Germany has developed and begun standard production of the climate control ECU for the 2010 Ford Taurus and Flex. The Preh electronic control unit comprises the hardware and matching software needed to maintain a comfortable interior climate.

The contracts follow another recent contract from Ford for the climate control ECU on the Ford Mustang. Nick Lontscharitsch, senior vice president of sales at Preh, Inc., said, “Preh has more than two decades of experience with climate control units, and we now supply about four million interior climate control systems worldwide every year.” “These are developed either as complete control systems with integrated electronics and software, or as ECUs with electronics hardware but no visible parts in the car’s interior,” he added.

Lontscharitsch said that a new design, which is starting to become more accepted, integrates the climate controls with the radio and infotainment functions into a single “center stack” control system. 

Both climate control systems will be manufactured at Preh’s production facility in Monterrey, Mexico, and will be delivered to Ford’s Taurus assembly plant in Chicago and to its Flex assembly plant in Oakville, Ontario, Canada.

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