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Press Releases

Preh Control System for the Iconic Subcompact

NOVI, Mich. – The latest generation of premium MINI subcompact cars is equipped with the Preh iDrive Controller. Preh develops and produces the central control system, which allows an intuitive operation of infotainment functions. The system is supplied as the iDrive Controller or iDrive Touch Controller.

The turn and push principle with magnetic haptic is the base for both versions and provides fast, simple function selection. The driver can operate the iDrive controller comfortably with one hand and see in parallel the settings made on the vehicle’s central display. The version with integrated touchpad, offered optionally, provides additional useful functions, with character recognition as the most prominent feature. With this, drivers can write characters on the touchpad surface with their finger, which facilitates, in particular, entering navigation destinations. Thereby, the character recognition works very precisely, recognizing even careless writing.

Christoph Hummel, executive vice president for Preh sales, marketing, project management and e-mobility, says, “As a leading provider of central control systems, we are glad to be onboard the MINI brand with the iDrive Controller. It shows once again that technologies originally developed for the luxury class can take hold in the small car segment as well.”

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