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Press Releases

Preh is onboard the new Audi A3

Innovative sensory volume control for the new Audi A3.

Bad Neustadt a. d. Saale. For the latest Audi A3 model, Preh Group supplies five components: a new type of volume control, the control panel and the control unit for the climate comfort settings, the adjustment switches for the seat, as well as the design surface of the gear selector.

The A3 volume control switch represents a new approach. This control has the shape of a circular slider and is integrated into the center console. Jochen Ehrenberg, CTO of Preh Group said, “Vehicle interiors are differentiated by smart operating concepts. Together with Audi, we have developed an innovative volume control slider for the new A3 which has not been implemented in any other vehicle before. Our sensory control is similarly practical to use as a conventional volume control knob and offers additional functions in a compact space.”

The volume control is located in the center console. A touch sensor is integrated below its concave, circular surface. This design allows it to be operated it even when wearing gloves.

The volume is adjusted by circular finger sliding while the control can be pushed just like a conventional switch. This allows the integration of the functions mute, forward and backward (skipping) as well as radio on/off. To minimize distraction while driving, passive haptic feedback confirms the selection of functions.

According to automotive standards, the function and surface quality have to be guaranteed even after tens of thousands of applications. Preh ensures this with a special coating that optimally combines robustness and gliding properties.