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Press Releases

Preh Wins Ford's Q1 Award Again

Bad Neustadt a. d. Saale. Ford has once again awarded their prestigious Q1 Award to Preh. Among other items, the complete center consoles for Ford’s Lincoln premium brand were developed and manufactured at the automotive supplier’s headquarters in Bad Neustadt. The Q1 Award is the highest recognition of suppliers by the American automobile manufacturer. It was received by Preh President and CEO Dr. Michael Roesnick and plant manager Benjamin Lobenz. In the previous years Preh had repeatedly won this prestigious award.

“The Q1 is outstanding recognition for the superior performance of the entire Preh team and an incentive for future projects with the highest demands on quality,” said Dr. Michael Roesnick. “Such a success is possible only through hard work, study and continuous improvement.”

The center consoles of the Lincoln premium brand combine the operation of air-conditioning and infotainment functions including phone, navigation, radio and music systems in conjunction with the climate control.

Ford launched its Q1 quality system to guarantee worldwide unified production and quality standards in the area of component manufacturing. To qualify for the Q1 Award, Preh had to undergo a rigorous examination to ensure that the group met the automaker’s strict criteria. In the process, company performance was also based on a number of other criteria such as the quality of the manufacturing process, materials management, and environmental impact.

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