Vision, mission, principles & values


Excellence is defined as striving for the best possible result in everything we do. Excellence really can never be reached but is rather a guiding principle that motivates us to always give our very best! Only with a passion for excellence, we will do everything to prevent mistakes, especially to avoid making the same mistake twice. Also, passion for excellence motivates us to learn every day something new and to work according to the principle “everything is possible”.

„WE passionately strive for excellence
creating smarter and sustainable solutions
in everything we do.“

The vision defines what we want to achieve in the future. It contains the element „WE“, which comprises all Preh locations.It gets to the heart of our claim to passionately strive for excellence.It clarifies Preh‘s quest to always be one step ahead of the competition („smarter“). Preh strives to satisfy future customer expectations as well as to promote safety and environmental aspects („sustainable solutions“).

„With highest quality and competitiveness
we create cutting-edge technology
for HMI and e-mobility.“

The mission describes today‘s focus of action, needed to achieve the vision. It also contains the element „WE“, which comprises all Preh locations. It details „excellence“ as prioritizing highest quality and competitiveness. It describes our aspiration for innovation („cutting-edge technology“) in our current fields of business („HMI and e-mobility“).


  • Continuous learning and improvement
  • Accountability
  • Excellence
  • Goals / result orientation
  • Global thinking, throughout the whole company

  • Creativity, innovation and specialization

    Preh´s Innovative Power

    Innovations arise when creativity meets specialization. At Preh, we are constantly on the lookout for new ideas for intelligent automotive solutions - control systems, switches, electromobility - and of course, everything is systematic. Preh has experts who deal with the latest technological automotive trends on a daily basis and exchange ideas with specialists all over the world.

    Our Innovations

  • Doing it yourself makes sense

    The Inhouse principle

    If you want to develop the technology of the future, you have to have top know-how in the entire product development process. That is why at Preh we consistently rely on a high level of vertical integration in our own company - at all locations equally. Everything fits together. This is not only extremely cost-efficient, but also makes it possible to respond to customer requirements flexibly and quickly.


  • Our corporate culture

    Personally committed

    Our employees transform our values into a strong commitment to the customer. The reason? Because Preh combines a very personal, medium-sized company corporate culture with the dynamism and creativity of a modern automotive supplier.

    We are proud to work for brands like Audi, BMW, Daimler, Porsche or VW - after all, we encounter Preh products as soon as we get into our cars.

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The reputation and success of our company are determined by how each member of the “Preh family”
conducts themselves. We try to win the confidence of our customers, investors, staff, and the public through
the technical and social competence of our staff. And we succeed!

The responsibilities set out in our Code of Conduct form the framework and the minimum standards
that are binding for each and every member of staff. This helps us to overcome legal and ethical challenges
in our everyday work, providing a point of orientation, and thus, consolidates the confidence in Preh’s
performance and integrity.