The reputation and success of our company is affected by the specific behavior of each PREH employee. The rules laid down in our Code of Conduct oblige every employee to obey the applicable laws, standards and internal rules and regulations and constitute the basic principles governing the conduct of all employees.

Security in day-to-day business


To avoid any harm to our company, our employees and business partners, any breaches of the applicable laws and standards must be identified at an early stage so that they can be clarified and remedied without delay. To this end, Preh GmbH has set up a whistleblower system to receive specific warnings of any possible misconduct, possible breaches of rules and regulations or violations of the law by employees of the PREH Group.

The whistleblower system ensures that any reports received will be handled confidentially and, if desired, anonymously by our team of specialists.

  • Advance customer complaints and reports concerning business partners

    If your matter is a customer complaint or concerns a business partner of the PREH Group, please contact the following offices.

  • Products and services from PREH

    Your matter concerns a PREH product or a service of PREH?

    Please feel free to contact us directly to discuss your request.

  • Supplier Code of Conduct

    Please use the following contact details

    or to your known contact person in our sales team.



Our team of specialists is available to you as a central point of contact for any reports of breaches of rules and regulations within the PREH Group. You can reach us via the channels listed below. Please note the privacy policy and the need for your consent before submitting a report. Please formulate your report as specifically as possible to allow us to process and investigate the matter.

For this reason, please state who is affected by your report and describe the matter in detail, stating the place, time and number of incidents. Being willing to respond to any questions we may have will help us to clarify the matter. If, on the contrary, you wish to remain anonymous, our online reporting channel PREH Integrity Line is available.

How to reach us: our contact channels

Online reporting channel

You can submit a whistleblower report via our digital reporting channel PREH Integrity Line in either English or German for Preh GmbH and in either the respective official language or English for the other companies of the Preh Group. The Integrity Line is a confidential and protected online platform that allows anonymous reports to be filed in addition to a named registration.

To the channel




The PREH team can also be reached via the PREH Integrity Line by email.

To the channel



By post or in person

Please arrange an appointment before visiting us.
You can reach us in person or by post at the following address:

Preh GmbH
Legal Department
Schweinfurter Str. 5-9
D-97616 Bad Neustadt a. d. Saale
Tel: +49 (9771) 92-0



After receiving your report, our team will keep it strictly confidential and process it in keeping with the principle of due process for all involved. Other internal or external officers may be involved in the internal investigations.

Any kind of retribution after lodging a report to the PREH whistleblower system is forbidden and will be examined using the same process before being sanctioned accordingly.