Our Engagement

Preh is aware of its social responsibility regarding the environment, health and safety of our employees as well as compliance with human rights.

Thereby we promote a sustainable usage of our resources as well as fair business practices towards our business partners.

Sustainable business

Sustainability Report - 2021

The Sustainability Report serves as summary about our principles, activities and efforts of a sustainable acting for the achievement of our strategic goals

Report 2022  Archive

ESG - Rating

EcoVadis "Silver medal"

The Preh Group decided to join the EcoVadis platform in 2021 for the assessment of the development of our performance in the fields environment, social and governance (ESG) in a global accepted benchmark. 



The Top Management understands the health and safety of all employees as well as the protection of environment
and climate as important corporate guiding principles. We aim to a continuous improvement of our EHS performance
by setting our own EHS targets and implementing appropriate measures.

In order to avoid environmental pollution and conserve natural resources, our current and future activities are regularly
evaluated from an ecological point of view. Legal environmental protection and safety regulations are our minimum standard.
The energy flows are regularly analyzed and evaluated by the energy teams at the respective location and new potentials for
improvement are defined. Before the use of new materials or technical equipment and when designing the work environment,
health and safety risks are identified, evaluated and, as far as possible, eliminated in order to avoid possible hazards.
Health and safety concepts apply to every employee.



Preh not only works efficiently, but sustainably too. Our goal: Use fewer resources and produce less waste to conserve valuable resources for the benefit of future generations.

Climate protection at Preh

Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP)

We are continuously improving the disclosure of our environmental impacts - especially indirect emissions for up- and downstream processes; e. g. manufacturing of production materials - and the environmental performance by promotion of energy and emission reduction initiatives. In 2019, the Preh Group reached the “awareness level” for climate change and the “management level” for water security.



The United Nations has found that the trade of certain rare earth minerals is helping to finance the civil conflict in the
Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and certain adjoining countries (covered countries), characterized by violation
of human rights and destruction of environment. These minerals are commonly referred to as “3TG” (tin, tantalum,
tungsten, & gold) and their derivatives. 

Preh is committed to the Conflict Minerals reporting requirements of our customers prior to the deadlines. Preh is working
with suppliers to perform the necessary due diligence in determining the potential for Conflict Minerals in our supply chain.

Product responsibility

Product conformity and product safety

It is our responsibility to avoid risks regarding safety, health and environment during usage of our products. Therefore, legal and regulatory requirements are considered as the minimum standard for our products. Furthermore, the understanding of the requirements of our customers is a further essential component during product development process for fulfillment of these obligations. Our ambitious standards for quality assurance and manufacturing are implemented globally by our employees from development up to the delivery of the serial product. We ensure the compliance with the requirements regarding safety, functionality, appearance and material conformity of our products by internal processes and extensive tests. Our standard gets confirmed externally by regular awards of our customers and by successful certification of our management system regarding quality, environment and occupational safety as well as information security.