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Press Releases

Preh receives top supplier award from ZF

Bad Neustadt, Germany. This year, ZF Friedrichshafen AG awarded its ZF “Best of the Best” Supplier Award to five suppliers. Preh GmbH was honored among these “Top 5” in the category of production supplies.

The recipients were honored by ZF for their top quality, outstanding technology, efficient logistics processes and competitive cost structures. They were selected in a standardized procedure by jurors from the purchasing, logistics and quality divisions. “Good is not good enough for us – we want the best of the best,” explained ZF Board of Management Chairman Hans-Georg Härter at the award ceremonies on September 15 in Friedrichshafen. 

In presenting the award to Preh, Rainer Wiedmann, head of corporate purchasing for production supplies at ZF, praised Preh’s reliability, on-time delivery performance and untiring commitment to doing things right. When a tight schedule required that assembly lines be developed in parallel to development of the related ZF product, Preh Engineering took the bull by the horns. Working together hand in hand, the two companies successfully met the numerous challenges encountered in the project. 

Dr. Michael Roesnick, president of Preh GmbH, said, “It is a great honor for us to be named a Top Supplier to ZF. This confirms that we in Preh Engineering are definitely on the right track.” “The award is a great honor and incentive for the future.”

Division Head Günter Brosch added, “Preh has already planned and built many production solutions for ZF.” “This includes manufacturing systems for torsion dampers, release bearings and clutch discs for commercial vehicles and, since 2006, assembly lines for hybrid drive trains,” Brosch continued.

Preh’s automotive division has operated for many years as “Preh Engineering.” Preh has established itself as a leading player in this market segment by providing custom solutions and innovative approaches, such as its flexible and cost-effective “PrehCell” assembly system. To reflect the innovative spirit of our division, in the future we will be using the name ‘Innovative Automation,’” explained Brosch. 

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