Press Releases, 27.06.2013

New S-class with rear climate control system from Preh

Bad Neustadt—The control system specialist Preh has developed a solution for the rear climate control system for the new Mercedes-Benz S-class, which sets new standards in weight reduction, illumination, feel, precise processing and software development.

A totalweight example—compared to the previous version, the weight of the rear control system can be reduced by more than 50% to around 200 g. The decisive factor is an elaborate light guide design that allows illumination of the control panel with only 10 LEDs. Thus, the power requirements were greatly reduced. As a result of this new development,the massive, and consequently heavy, heat sinks can be omitted.

Using a combination of snap disks and silicone contact mats with 0.5 N actuating force, Prehachieved excellent haptics, as well as the perfect alignment of the individual function keys within the row.

Systems for a variety of control situations lie also on the software side. If, for example, the driver gets out and leaves the vehicle at rest in low temperatures, then rear-seat passengers can retrieve the motor residual heat from the climate control system, even while the ignition is turned off.

Significantsoftware development took place at Preh at the German Development Center in Bad Neustadt, and also in collaboration with software development at the Romanian plant. From this, the control system specialist could meet all requirements of SPICE level 3, as confirmed by an assessment of MBtech (Mercedes-Benz technology), and had already taken placeby the end of 2011on behalf of Daimler. Preh’s software development processes were put under the microscope a full week-long. As a result, the automotive supplier was certified for all standard HIS scope processes at SPICE Level 3.

Jochen Ehrenberg, executive vice president for product development, said, “We have been a supplier for the Mercedes-Benz S-class for more than 10 years and it is impressive how much progress we have made in the development of the climate rear control system. Overall, our contribution to the new S-class is just a detail. But the sum of perfect details ultimately makes the Mercedes flagship what it is.”

About Preh

Preh GmbH is a subsidiary of the exchange-listed Joyson Electronics, Ningbo, China (600699: Shanghai), and represents the Automotive Electronics Division in the Joyson Group. As a global automotive supplier with 3,210 employees, Preh achieved revenues of €462 million in 2012. With headquarters in Bad Neustadt a. d. Saale, Germany, the company has production sites in Portugal, Romania, Mexico and China, as well as a sales and development center in Novi/Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A. Preh’s development and manufacturing skills are concentrated on climate and driver control systems, electronic control units, sensors and assembly systems for leading automobile manufacturers.