Press Releases, 27.02.2009

Preh opens an office in the automotive center in Shanghai, China

Global presence strengthened – Preh has the first foothold in Asia

Preh GmbH, a leading supplier of automotive interior control systems, sensors and ECUs, has opened its own office in Shanghai, a center of automotive manufacturing in China. The office is right next to the Shanghai city center in the Anjing district, where most of the auto industry companies are concentrated.

Preh is represented in Shanghai by Thomas Tang. Mr. Tang is an electrical engineer with many years of experience as a buyer in the electronics industry and strong experience in sales. “Since most of our companies have a presence in China, we want to be close to the decision-makers and the market. Initially, we will focus on sales and purchasing,” explained Christoph Hummel, Preh’s director of sales and marketing. “We will also look for ways to make certain that our products meet local-content rules on the Chinese market. For the time being, we are not planning to build our own plant, as we are currently concentrating on completing and starting up our new production facility in Romania,” Hummel continued. However, Mr. Hummel assesses the new office in Shanghai as an “important foothold for Preh’s gradual expansion in Asia.” 

Preh already has ties to the Chinese market. For example, it supplies steering wheel switches to Shanghai for the VW Passat Lingyu. Preh makes climate control components for the Chinese version of the Skoda Fabia. 

Aside from its traditional manufacturing, development, and administrative center in Bad Neustadt an der Saale, Germany, Preh has plants in Portugal and Mexico and a customer service center near Detroit in the U.S.A.