Press Releases, 27.01.2012

Preh climate control system in Prosche 911

Preh GmbH has developed a climate control system with 2-zone temperature control for the center console on the new Porsche 911. The unit is now in standard production at Preh. The system features integrated controls for operating the seat ventilation and seat heating functions. Three variants are being manufactured at Preh’s main facility in Bad Neustadt, Germany.

One of the unique features of the Preh design is that an unventilated temperature sensor allows the driver and front passenger to choose their own custom settings. To optimize design and function, the temperature sensor was positioned as a separate element in the Porsche 911. 

Special function algorithms are used in the interior climate control system to ensure that occupants remain comfortable, even when the engine is in start/stop mode. The concept used in the software prioritizes the components and actions in the closed-loop control circuit to best meet temperature and energy requirements. Another of the climate control system’s special features involves the design of its electronic circuitry. The circuitry is not only used for climate control purposes, but also serves as a master unit to control chassis function switches.